Au Naturel



Tomorrow marks my three whole weeks of going “au naturel” (a.k.a. makeup free). I’ll admit it, there are definitely down days as well as good days. Some days my skin get more blotchy and more irritated, and some days it looks better. It’s just one of the things about the skin, isn’t it? It’s a true reflection of our skin health, whether we like it or not. I can’t believe I had piled on all those chemicals and irritants on my skin day after day for so long. Now I see how it’s really affected my skin, I never want to put foundation on my face anymore. I used to fool myself and tell myself that it’s got to do with my skincare regimen,  that I hadn’t done enough treatments to it and that’s the reason why I was having bad skin. But for me, that wasn’t the case. The truth was that I was suffocating it and not letting it heal on its own.

Anyway, enough about the little rant (haha). Above you can see a photo of my skin today. You can still see a bit of redness despite the strong sunlight, but oh well, my skin’s healing and that’s the important thing. The photo on the top was also taken today, when I decided to whip up this random combination of ham and eggs. It’s quite filling because of its protein content, so I’m happy about that.

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